Designs and Distractions

My hands are sore in the best way. In addition to my normal freelance work, we have the lucky opportunity to work with Portland’s own Oaks Bottom Forge. We have been asked to design leather sheaths for their exceptional knives, and also a combo kit for a hatchet and knife. I love working on new things and this has been lots of fun so far! We’re working on making a sheath that is as elegant as the original knifes. This is where we’re at so far:

Assembling the pieces.

Assembling the pieces.

Of course it IS summer. and that means festivals and fighting! Annnnndddd…. weddings. SO MANY WEDDINGS. Our fridge has 5 invites for June alone. Luckily I have lots of creative friends to go to for gifts/ideas. Maybe a scarf or two? Giving logos away only works for companies. lol. But I’m sure we’ll figure out something.

Happy summer everyone!



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