• Artist, Sculptor, Fabricator | Freelance and Custom

    Thank you for visiting ShannonCramerArt.

    I am an artist located in beautiful Portland Oregon.

    I work in multiple mediums as a sculptor, fabricator, and painter, and also teach sculpture, drawing, and painting to K-5 students.

    I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Oregon where I majored in Fine Art: Painting, and minored in Digital Media.

    My most recent works are working for Universal Studios Hollywood, Portland Cocktail Week, and my personal practice, hand-sculpted and painted shields for medieval combat games.

    I am looking for a new opportunity for 2019. Please enjoy browsing my portfolio and feel free to connect.


Dragons and A Games Afoot

As always I have been so busy working I haven’t updated in a while! I am now pursuing my Masters at PSU (something I will wax poetical about in a later post I am sure) but I wanted to give an update on the two theater projects I works on last year: A Gamer Afoot … Continue reading

SASS: Skilled Artist Support Services

For over a year now I have been so busy with an ongoing contract position that I havn’t posted a single thing here! Better fix that.  In may of 2017 I started working with a team of contractors here lead by Harlan Whitman. We work on a wide variety of projects, from sets to props … Continue reading

2017- ADX, PAM, and KGW8

I have not updated since June, which is all because of good things! So here is the news for what I have been up too since last summer: Shield-Shop is going great! I moved my studio to Portland’s awesome maker’s space ADX, which I found through my makers collective Portland Made. I really like the space and … Continue reading

New Horizons

Whew! I am feeling accomplished! I just got back from California where my twin sister and I were flown down to teach sword fighting and it went fantastic; great students, great weather, and great fun. I have also been making shields like crazy and have completed another dozen for the summer events. Now that things are … Continue reading

Change, Challenge, and Oppertunity

I just realized I haven’t posted since last spring. Apparently Spring is the time I actually write blog entries. Part of why I have been gone is because of how fast things have been moving with my Shield-Shop. Last June we went to Ragnorok, the biggest event in American foam-fighting Battle Games, and this event was … Continue reading

Summer is almost here! 

Summer is on the way and my students are finishing up their last pieces for the term. Here is an example of some of my kids work from last week! I am inordinately proud of them. I’m looking forward to having more time though, as I am taking the summer off to work on my … Continue reading

Working 3 Jobs Means No Time to Blog

After the successful launch of our Shield-Shop last spring (and the last time I posted) I have: Moved to Tigard Changed teaching jobs Started working at Starbucks Been a guest panelist at both Fantasy Con and Geek Girl Con Continued to grow our business, Shield-Shop.com and generally been way too busy! That being said, it … Continue reading

Last days and “Lazy” Summer

Wow it has been crazy since I last posted. Since school ended on the 13th I have travelled to Fantasy Con as a vendor for our Shield-Shop and also as a Belegarth fighter in the arena. This experience was a whirlwind and a great opportunity to meet other artists. In addition to other PlastiDip and … Continue reading

The Shield Shop part 2.

We made a separate site! More people are interested in our shields so we went ahead and made a site just for that. The Shield Shop. We went to Western Wars this weekend where they all held up beautifully and more people got to see these pieces of functional art in action.

Update: Plithacorn Productions

My partner Seth and I have officially been in business at Plithacorn Productions for a little over a year. We started out just taking on more commissions for pieces he’s been doing for almost a decade, and now we have both expanded and specialized the shop; we offer more gear and custom items and sell … Continue reading