Working 3 Jobs Means No Time to Blog

After the successful launch of our Shield-Shop last spring (and the last time I posted) I have:

  • Moved to Tigard
  • Changed teaching jobs
  • Started working at Starbucks
  • Been a guest panelist at both Fantasy Con and Geek Girl Con
  • Continued to grow our business,
  • and generally been way too busy!

That being said, it has been very fun and fulfilling to work in my chosen profession all fall and winter and now that spring in finally here I am feeling rejuvenated. (It is SLIGHTLY possible (as in highly likely) that I have seasonal depression. (#PDX) So i am always excited and more energized when the sun returns! :))

In the spirit of spring cleaning I have re-designed this site and am working on some big improvements for our Shield-Shop as well. Since last posting here about the shields we have made about 3-times that number, if not more. Here is a pic of about 2/3 of our shields from 2014:

Shield-Shop 2014 Work

In addition to making shields I am teaching Drawing and Painting at the Oregon Artist School. I really enjoy teaching art in this focused art school setting because all of my students really want to learn. I teach ages 4-12 in my Beginning/Intermediate classes, and ages 8-16 when teaching Intermediate/Advanced oil painting. All of our kids work on their own chosen projects and I find that this open workshop style is great for teaching art. Here are some highlights from this last year:

As the months go by I have found it hard to post about my work because I am DOING so much of it. But, as always, I aim to improve. So hopefully I shall post again next month with more pics and news.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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