2017- ADX, PAM, and KGW8

I have not updated since June, which is all because of good things! So here is the news for what I have been up too since last summer:

Shield-Shop is going great! I moved my studio to Portland’s awesome maker’s space ADX, which I found through my makers collective Portland Made. I really like the space and the people and it has been great for the shop.

Something I am particularly STOKED about is the Portland Art Museum! This fall I was accepted into the Volunteer Docent program, which means a year of tour training and art history, and then I get to give tours on our awesome collection and visiting exhibitions to the public. I haven’t worked at a museum since I volunteered at the High Desert Museum in high school, so I am VERY excited and have loved the classes and community at PAM. Check out some of our current exhibits!:

A last little piece of literal news is that I was on the news!  I was featured on KGW8 for the Shield-Shop, and also on Portland Made’s newsletter. 🙂 Links below.

Portland Made

KGW8 Portland Today | KGW8 Movers and Makers

Cheers ya’ll.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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