SASS: Skilled Artist Support Services

For over a year now I have been so busy with an ongoing contract position that I havn’t posted a single thing here! Better fix that.  In may of 2017 I started working with a team of contractors here lead by Harlan Whitman. We work on a wide variety of projects, from sets to props to interiors. The group of artists is loosely referred to as SASS, or Skilled Artist Support Services, although each of us also owns our open business and this enables us to work contracts or other jobs when desired. It’s a pretty neat set up. 🙂

Click here for SASS website. Portfolio password is sasspass6D9F83CC-79DC-4321-84DD-0BFD9A4AE622

Between SASS and Shield-Shop obligations I worked in 7 major cities in 2018, road tripped across the country, flew more than I ever have in my life, and learned a TON about materials and process.

For the moment I am back in Portland, and the team is back to focusing on other art and art related pursurits


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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