Dragons and A Games Afoot

As always I have been so busy working I haven’t updated in a while! I am now pursuing my Masters at PSU (something I will wax poetical about in a later post I am sure) but I wanted to give an update on the two theater projects I works on last year: A Gamer Afoot and Dragons Love Tacos.

I Worked with the phenomenal theater Bag & Baggage Productions is Hilsborro on the Christmas show, A Games Afoot (sometimes called Holmes for the Holidays). This experience was a career highlight as this small professional theaters was some of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. Pre-COVID we had big plans for more farcical sets and fantastic shows, but now everything is in flux so who knows what the future will bring, but I hope to work with them again when the world opens back up.

Our production sold out every seat and received excellent reviews, including a shout-out to my set design, which I attribute to a great collaboration with our director Kymberli Colbourne.

In January of this year (oh 20920, you seem so long! was that REALLY this January!?)  I worked for the Oregon Children’s Theater on a fun production called Dragons Love Tacos. I was prop master and worked to fabricate two of the four dragons, and this meant making TONS of handmade fabric props and some cleverly designed rigs for our costumer to form her dragons around MAJOR shout out toe Harlan Whitman for bulk of the work on the red Dragon.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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