New Horizons

Whew! I am feeling accomplished! I just got back from California where my twin sister and I were flown down to teach sword fighting and it went fantastic; great students, great weather, and great fun. I have also been making shields like crazy and have completed another dozen for the summer events. Now that things are settling down nicely at the Shield Shop, I am ready to look for more art opportunities in PDX!


The most recent set of shields made in May, 2016

Currently I make ends meet by slinging coffee at Starbucks and this was great while we built the business, but now that I have assistants and steady commissions I am looking to transition back to working full-time as an artist and teacher.

If you are looking for an enthusiastic team-player to join your art or education team, please call! 541.350.2548

Cheers and have a great summer!


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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