Art with Kids

So I have not posted since August and much of that is because I have been busy with a new job! I now work for Art4Life, a non-profit arts program in the Portland Public Schools, and I’m loving it. Every day for 4-5 hours I work with elementary schoolers on a wide variety of Art projects. I’ve always loved teaching and coaching and kids, so this job is a great combination of all of that.

Thus far we have gone over the basics of composition, team work, and drawing (of course), but we are also working on sewing and sculpture and film projects and dancing and lots of other great things that my co-teachers have experience with, such as photography and print making.

Currently I am looking forward to finishing one of our newest projects: a to-scale Baby Masai Giraffe. The finished sculpture will be over 6ft tall! While we are going for realism in form, it will not be realistic when it comes to colors. When working on practicing the Masai coat pattern, the kids asked to use brighter colors than yellow and brown. As a result, I asked the kids to make color-scheme proposals and it is looking like sculpture is going to be pink and green, with an argyle hat! (Awesome.)

During this project I challenged our older kids (3rd- 5th) to figure out how to build the framework and giraffe head themselves and we now have 3 chicken-wire and wood legs and a cardboard head in process. Watching their eyes widen as they used a power-drill for the first time was a definite treat. The plaster coating starts next week so wish us luck!

I will try and post more often now that I’m all settled in, so look for more fun projects and updates in the future. Thanks!


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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