Update from Pete Beeman’s Sculptures

Last winter/spring I had the opportunity to work for sculptor Pete Beeman as an artist’s assistant. He recently emailed us updates on the works and they have been installed in their new home in Taipei and New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Daan Flower- On this sculpture my job was routing and finishing the metal petals prior to powder coat application. Sharpe edges prevent the coat from going on evenly and lead to rust. All of those holes you see, I worked on every one. Like most of Pete’s Sculptures the flower is interactive. Link to video: http://petebeeman.com/DaanFlower/DaanFlower.html


Runner- I helped with finishing the stand and arms on this one, but much of the fabrication was done by Ryan, a fellow University of Oregon art grad. Link to video: http://petebeeman.com/Runner/Runner.html

RunnerI enjoyed this work immensely and am now on the lookout for another larger-scale project. Set design, sculpture, something along those lines.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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