A4L: Amazing Mazes

At the elementary school where I teach the 2nd and 3rd grade level my recent projects have focused on mazes and level design. “Amazing Mazes” started with some maze and math theory where we planned out our mazes: Each team of four designed Power Items to collect and baddies to conquer throughout their maze. Most teams chose to … Continue reading


I’ve been doing a lot more illustration these days. Here is one of my most recent works. I’m finally finding a method/style that I like for keeping my strokes but still being digitally crisp.

Emerson Art 4 Life Giraffe Sculpture

Well it is now February and, as always, it has been busy. After our craft business, Plithacorn Productions, went down to So.Cal for our first festival (which went well. We sold different items than I expected but it was a great experience!)  at Art 4 Life we continued to work on our giraffe sculpture for February’s … Continue reading

Update from Pete Beeman’s Sculptures

Last winter/spring I had the opportunity to work for sculptor Pete Beeman as an artist’s assistant. He recently emailed us updates on the works and they have been installed in their new home in Taipei and New Taipei City, Taiwan. Daan Flower- On this sculpture my job was routing and finishing the metal petals prior … Continue reading