A4L: Amazing Mazes

At the elementary school where I teach the 2nd and 3rd grade level my recent projects have focused on mazes and level design. “Amazing Mazes” started with some maze and math theory where we planned out our mazes:

Each team of four designed Power Items to collect and baddies to conquer throughout their maze. Most teams chose to build their maze around doors or portals that, with the right item, would give access to other parts of the maze. They all play video games and there is a definite relationship between how they designed their mazes and the games that we all grew up with. Zelda has never been so relevant.

After this each team had to sculpt at least 2 of their Power Items  from cardboard, paper, and tape.

After this the kids got to run through a life-size maze we built based on their mazes. There was a collapsing tunnel, symbols and riddles on the walls, keys to doors, and of course, a final boss at the end.

All in all, lots of fun at Maplewood Art 4 Life this year. 🙂


Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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